why domain privacy is important

What is domain privacy and why is it important?

Don’t overlook the domain privacy option when registering a domain name. After hours of searching for an available name that fits your business, it can happen that you are just glad to have fond something that works. The registration process is easy, takes about 5 = 10 minutes of your time and costs about US $10.95 (as of today, March 11, 2023).

why domain privacy is important

If you choose namesilo.com then make sure that you place a check-mark next to the domain privacy option. Namesilo includes this feature for free, which is why Prolific Web Design has been using Namesilo for over 10 years with yet to encounter an issue. Their support is amazing and available 24/7 to logged in customers.

What is a domain name?

The domain name is your online address and without one, you can not have a website. Upon purchasing a domain name, you can enter the name server data into your hosting account. It takes up to two days for a new domain name to populate worldwide but sometimes, it happens in just a few hours.

When buying a domain name, you have two options. Find one that is still available or, buy one from sources that specialize in reselling registered domain names. By now, it is highly unlikely that your desired domain name is still available. This is especially true for the .com extension.

How much does it cost to buy a domain name?

The short answer is as lot. The good news is that the sales prices have somewhat been cut in half of what they used to be. These days, many taken domain names, if not used, can be purchased around $1000, but that depends on additional factors.

A perfect domain name can fetch a much higher amount than some random letters. If the name you want is taken, then just follow the instructions which domain reseller provides. To be on the safe side, it is best to use a reputable reselling service, of which there are many to chose from. Every other way is potentially unsafe.

If you hire Prolific Web Design to make your website, then we will perform this service for you. In case your requested domain name is taken, we’ll suggest an alternate strategy.

If you don’t have your domain name yet then contact us for a free consultation. We have helped many customers to find that perfect domain name to build their brand on.

How to buy expired domain names

Domain names must be renewed once a year. Sometimes, domain owners forget to renew or, they have lost interest and moved on to a new project. If that happens, you can purchase the domain for the cost of a new one, which is a fraction of what resellers charge. If you can wait, then check if someone no longer wants their domain and snap it up for cheap as soon as it gets released.

Domain Privacy, what is it?

In the beginning, registering a domain name required to supply a name and address. This data was then publicly available for anyone to see. As you can imagine, this soon caused problems and therefore, domain sellers, such as Namesilo, added the privacy feature. Many registrar services charge for privacy but Namesilo has always included it for free.

Let’s look how domain privacy works in practice. Prolific Web Design is located in Vancouver, Canada. If you use a whois service, then you can simply supply an existing domain name to find out all kinds of information about it.

Here is what the whois database says about Prolific Web Design.
Besides stating the domain name, whois shows the registrar, expiry dates and location. Because of domain privacy, we are not listed in Vancouver Canada, but instead, in Phoenix, Arizona. Use the above link to have a look at the whole page and, you’ll quickly see why domain privacy is a must.

If you have questions then please comment below and we’ll do our best to provide additional information.
The startup website FAQ section has just been updated and and has more information about registering and finding a domain name. Thank you for your time.

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