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The best TKL keyboad for coding and web design

Writing software and developing web pages requires a lot of typing, but my favorite keyboard makes the job easy. Last Christmas, my favorite present was a Logitech MX mechanical mini keyboard. It’s perfect.

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My favorite keyboard for web design

Mechanical gaming keyboards are generally great for typing

Before I used the Logitech MX mechanical mini keyboard, I used the Razer brand. I still use their mice and have more around than a small zoo. Even the cheaper Razer keyboards are perfect and, I wouldn’t dare using Blender 3D without one. Since I do a lot of work on my laptop, the MX mechanical goes where ever I go.

The MX Mechanical battery life is amazing

Usually, I don’t mind wires for my mice and keyboards, but all of that changed when I started using the MC mechanical. The wireless implementation works so well that I control three devices. This means that the keyboard gets a lot of use. Logitech has done an amazing job by including a battery that lasts for several weeks without charging. I don’t even bother turning it off anymore, and still it seems to function for at least a month. Given how much I type every day, that is impressive.

I am not affiliated with any products that I mention here on the Prolific Web Design blog. If I write about or review a product, then only because I actually use it. If you don’t live in a bigger city then the MX mechanical mini wireless is available on amazon for CAN $199 plus tax. Earlier last year, I bought a Skyloong 60% keyboard which, hadn’t I gotten the MX, would be my go-to keyboard. It, too, types well and is fine for web design, but not ideal for coding because of the missing arrow keys.

Another feature I appreciate when using the MX is that I don’t need a wrist pad. When typing on my Razer keyboards, a wrist pad is a must, but the MX is kind of flat and using a write pad would be awkward.

Final thoughts

If you happen to type a lot, then check out some of the new gaming keyboards. YouTube has several videos that provide supplemental information about switches, which isn’t something to worry about when using a Razer keyboard as they come with the green ones made by Razer.

My MX Mechanical Mini wireless illuminated keyboard has brown switches and since I don’t have much to compare them too, seem to be fine. The typing noise is noticeably louder than compared to typing on an Apple keyboard, but not annoying by any means.

Until the AI solutions take our jobs, we will have to type. Thankfully that technology is still many years away, so until then, get yourself a decent keyboard and save your wrists by taking plenty of breaks. Thank you for your time.

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