Websites comprise components that, once assembled, deliver the desired user experience. Since most people prioritize visuals over text, we begin with creating that perfect logo. Often it is enough to use the starting letters of a brand with the correct font type.

Then comes the domain name, which is the most challenging part of the process because most of them have already been registered. Still, there are ways to augment a brand name with a short word to create that unique URL.

sample website app developer
sample website barber shop
sample website car repair

Logo Design

Every website needs a logo that represents your brand. In time, we will populate this page with more logos that were designed right here at Prolific Web Design.

Look at the Little Composers logo, for which the customer requested a contemporary blue and white modern design.

logo design
your logo

Domain Names

The perfect domain name is critical to success. After all, if your target audience can not remember your brand, they won’t find you regardless of how nice and easy to navigate your website is.
Prolific Web Design has extensive experience with branding, and we have been instrumental in helping the domains listed here.

  • Pre Piano
  • Python Sim
  • Little Composers
  • Virtual Music Teacher
  • Beginner Projects
  • Linux Noob Tube
  • Play Right Away
  • and many more…



Sometimes, WordPress is not the best solution; therefore, we provide custom programming services according to what the customer the customer’s wants.


JavaScript is to web design what wheels are to a car. Whenever a website owner requests additional features, we evaluate if JavaScript is the simplest way to implement them.


The Python programming language is our go-to tool for data analysis. Because of Pandas, Matplotlib, Pretty Tables and many more modules, Python is a must for specific projects.

VSCodium best free code editor for web design