Sometimes, websites and projects don’t get finished and when that happens, we sell the domain name to recover some of the development cost.

The following domain names are for sale

Pre Piano®

Children start piano lessons much earlier than they used to. If you are planing to build a brand name that caters to children at the pre-reading stage then there is no better one available than includes:

  • Canadian Trademark: Application Number: 1570267
  • Registered Copyright: Registration Number: 1108310
  • Matching gmail account for YouTube channel branding
  • Asking: CAN $4800.00 obo

Little Composers® includes:

  • Canadian Trademark: Application Number: 1701936
  • Registered Copyright: Registration Number: 1108313
  • Existing Website
  • Copyrights
    Creative Children Compose Music
    Concept of Music
  • 5 interactive apps + assets
    NOAH, PrePiano Keybaord, Little Composers Piano, Ear Training,
  • Asking: CAN $12000.00 obo

Virtual Music Teacher

The future of teaching and learning, including music teaching, is online. Be ready by owning the perfect domain name with all the right keywords everyone already knows. includes:

  • Registered Copyright: Registration Number: 1108311
  • Asking: CAN $3800.00 obo

Please note that the asking prices are in Canadian dollars. If unsure, use an online currency converter before you submit your offer.

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