The following domain names are for sale

Sometimes, websites and projects don’t get finished and when that happens, we sell the domain name and, if applicable, other intellectual property to recover some of the development cost.

  • beginnerProjects

If you are starting a new project and need that perfect brand name then use the contact from to submit your offer in CAN dollars.
Includes up and running website which is centered around the Fedora Linux distribution.
Asking price: CAN $1200 obo.
The Python programming language is everywhere so acquire this memorable domain before someone else does.
Asking price: CAN $2200 obo.
More and more teachers move from tutorials to beginner projects because students learn much this way. Establishing an online learning site is hard work and to eliminate copy cats, we include the singular version of the domain as well.
Asking price: CAN $2800 obo.

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