To better understand the prices listed here, please know that WordPress is free opensource software. The Linux operating system as well as the software used for design websites is also free and open source. Prolific Web Design only charges for the labor and therefore the packages offered here are offered at a reasonable cost.

Basic Website

A basic WordPress site such as prolificwebdesign.com costs $299 and takes about two days to deliver once the requirements have been agreed on. Included is:

  1. About an hour of consultation (free)
  2. Your choice of ready-made layouts
  3. Image optimization and webp conversion
  4. Editing your copy to maximize SEO
  5. Installing a contact form
  6. Hosting to get you online faster
  7. Additional tweaking after publishing

In simple terms, the above package gets you a basic WordPress-driven website up and running fast. You get full control which means that changes can be made by you as needed. This package is a good way to get an online presence fast.

Premium Website

Prolific Web Design offers a premium website package for $499 which includes everything listed in the basic package plus:

  1. Domain name registration
  2. Email account setup and configuration
  3. Plugins to fine-tune your services
    Example 1: Membership site
    Example 2: Online learning site
  4. Six months of hosting on a fast server
  5. Premium support

This package is best suitable for those who are planing on offering professional services such as online learning, photography or similar services which require a membership to access the content.


For the past 10 years, I have augmented website code with custom programming as needed. I am proficient in writing PHP, Python, JavaScript and MySQL code to improve or replace existing solutions. Since each project is different and created from scratch, the cost depends on the complexity and time needed to write the code.

Learn programming

As a former music teacher, my passion is helping others to learn programming. YouTube has many beginner tutorials that teach:

  1. HTML & CSS
  2. Python
  3. PHP
  4. JavaScript
  5. Frameworks

Unfortunately, most of the creators of those videos fail to understand how beginners process information. Yes, they explain the syntax correctly but without practical examples, the methods learned won’t be easy to apply.
Once one knows the basics, the videos can help to deepen the understanding but my recommendation is a good book.

Amazon has many books and if you pay attention to the ratings, you can find all kinds of beginner books that teach the concept of programming. If you are completely new to programming and know HTML and CSS then I recommend to start with PHP, Python or JavaScript.

learn web design and programming