how to test website loading speed

How to test your website for speed

Thanks to free website speed test sites, the days of dealing with the web host’s excuses for slow-loading websites are over. This post shows you how to test your site.

How to do a free website speed test

First, copy your URL (your domain name) and then either do a google search for “website speed test” or go to

Let’s say that I hired someone to make a website for a company called Prolific Web Design.
The first thing I would want to know is if my site is coded well and not slapped together via copy-pasting some outdated snippets from all over the net.  The place to find out all of this and more is

Once the website loads, I copy/paste my URL into the left field, select the testing destination and push the “START TEST” button.  After a few seconds, the results come back and reveal the truth.  Here is an example of what says about our website:

Upon opening the above link, you will see the following listing which is as good as it gets.

pingdom web test rating

Content size and content type

Besides the letter grades, Pingdom also provides a precise breakdown of the percentages sorted by data type.  This way, you can see a website’s ratio of code, images, text and more. 

Is your website fast-loading and error free?

If your website is not quite up to your liking then contact Prolific Web Design now for a free consultation.  We mostly serve customers from Canada, the US, Germany, Austria and Switzerland.  We specialize in WordPress-driven solutions because of the low cost required to implement this extremely popular content management system.

SEO and page ranking

Every website we work on ranks well on on google searches.  Just search for “prolific web design” and you’ll see right away that a top listing can be had without spending a lot of money.  Best of all, we registered the domain in early August of 2020 which means that it took just two weeks to rank at the top.

If you open then you see the following entries in the results section:

  • Performance grade: A 97
  • Page size: 253.6 Kb
  • Load time: 815 ms
  • Server requests: 8

Again, keep in mind that these results can be achieved with an inexpensive hosting package that costs about US $20/month and a few hours or work.  Our WordPress packages start at only CAN  $399.00  $199.00 and give you a clean and strong starting point to build on. 

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