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How to host a WordPress development site locally

Working on WordPress Sites

WordPress has grown dramatically over the past few years and for a good reason. WordPress sites are easy to create and maintain plus, with a little bit of work, they rank amazingly well.

Unlike HTML-driven websites, content management systems like WordPress need to be kept in an optimized state which means that the database should only contain a minimal number of plugins.  The secret to a well-performing WordPress site is a lean database.  Although there are ways to remove unwanted plugins, it’s best to not add them in the first place.  To make that a reality, it’s best to install a local instance of WordPress with the help of XAMP.

Hosting a local WordPress mirror

As web designers, we are not only responsible for creating the website, but also for maintaining it.  If a website is of great importance, then the server backups might not be enough and a local mirror is better suited.  Thankfully, hosting copies of live WordPress sites locally is easy.  Prolific Web Design uses dedicated Linux servers that host every WordPress site we work on locally.  Besides actual web sites, we also create demo sites where we test and experiment with cutting edge plugins and features.

How to create a local WordPress mirror

First, we download XAMP from the official XAMP homepage
To install, the downloaded file needs to be made executable which is best done by right-clicking and selecting on the file name xampp-linux-x64-7.3.20-0-installer.run and selecting Properties > Allow this file to run as a program.
After that, XAMP can be installed from the terminal by issuing this command: sudo ./xampp-linux-x64-7.3.20-0-installer.run

That is all there is to it. Once installed, we can point our web browser to “localhost” which will show the default page for the /opt/lampp/htdocs directory.

All WordPress sites get installed into that directory.  The best way to grab an existing WordPress website is with the help of Duplicator which is a free plugin.  Duplicator creates a snapshot of any WordPress site which can be used to transfer or mirror a site anywhere. 
To get Duplicator, simply type “Duplicator” into the “Add New Plugin” search field.  There are some other choices but Duplicator  has never failed and therefore we consider it a must-have tool.


WordPress has steadily gained market share is is continuing to do so.  The plugin ecosystem is enormous and allows for quick implementation of anything our customers need.  Want a LMS (Learning Management System)?  There are plugins which will give you exactly that.  Need a company website?  No problem.  It takes just 2 – 5 hours to set up a professional website and within days, google will list it favorably.rank number one on google search
  prolificWebDesign.com was registered in early August of 2020 which was just two weeks go.  During the first three days it was nowhere to be found on a google search.  Then it started to appear in the 20-some range but just two weeks in, searching for “prolific web design” is link number one – right after the paid ads.
This is especially amazing since there are many websites that contain the word prolific as part of the business name.  Without WordPress, ranking first would have required a lot more work.

Do you need a well-made website that loads fast and ranks well?  If you are based in Canada or the US the contact us to get started.  We have packages starting from just CAN $199 and we can save you a lot of headaches by pointing you towards cost-effective hosting solutions.  Prolific Web Design always welcomes your comments, suggestions and questions.

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