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Prolific Web Design is located in Vancouver, Canada and specializes in giving small companies a big online presence. If you are reading this, someone referred us to you, or we have contacted you with a proposal regarding a makeover of your existing website.

Our BCIT-educated web developers have over five years of relevant work experience, which is why we can deliver fast-loading, high-ranking websites on time. We also provide a free initial consultation to help you during the most critical stage of establishing your online presence.

Domain Name Registration

The hardest part about getting a website is finding a domain name that is still available. We recommend Namesilo.com to get started.

Web Design and SEO

As of 2023, over 40% of websites use the free and secure WordPress content management system. Is WordPress the best option for you?

Updates and Security

Your website, once published, needs maintenance and updates. 80% of our business revolves around maintenance and updates.


Here is a screenshot of a website we are working on.

sample website lawyer


Q: How much do you, Prolific Web Design, charge for websites?
Right now, a website that has been optimized to load in under one-second starts at only $499.00, and for a limited time, we include three months of free hosting.

Q: Do you accept credit cards?
Of course. We accept VISA and most other major credit cards. In some cases, it is also possible to pay with cash or a company check.

Q: Your Google profile states that you open at 2:30 AM. Why?
We start early because of our customers in Germany and Austria who prefer to communicate with us when they begin their working day.

Q: Are you available to work on my existing WordPress site?
Yes. Most of our work revolves around rewriting and optimizing existing content. We constantly speed up slow websites and implement newer, more robust frameworks as they emerge.

Q: How long does it take to get my new website?
If you have all artwork and copy (text) prepared in advance, your website can be online in as little as two days or less. Usually, we spend up to one workday understanding your competition and several hours more to develop a winning strategy for you. After that, your new website goes live once the name servers update.

Q: Does Prolific Web Design also host websites?
Yes. Some of our customers have had disappointing experiences with rate increases and poor customer support. Because of that, we offer reasonable hosting plans which are available for our customers only.

Q: How much does it cost to register a domain name, and do you provide this service as well?
Registering a domain name costs US $10.95 and includes domain privacy. See this link for more information about prolificwebdesign.com and how domain privacy works

Let’s talk about your project

Every website starts with a conversation that helps us to understand your needs and goals